Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pigeon's Quickies: London 2012

Summer is in full swing, and the 2012 Summer Olympics will soon be upon us. Of course, you can't have one of the world's biggest sporting events without an officially licensed video game. And that's where Sega comes in, giving us some of the most popular events of the Olympiad to enjoy alone or with friends.

Players can select from 36 different countries and vie for Olympic gold and glory in a decent variety of events, from the 'meat and potatoes' of Track & Field, to obscure pursuits such as Table Tennis. The control schemes for each contest are done rather well, and won't leave your hands fatigued like the games of yesterday. The visuals are also impressive, with detailed athletes and venues popping off the screen in all their HD glory.

For the more socially minded gamer, there's plenty of multiplayer to be had. From online competitons via your favorite gaming service, to a local party mode where you and three friends engage in different challenges. They even threw in a very basic customization mode, where you can change the names, faces, and ethnicity of your athletes.

Admittedly, the events are not going to hold your interest for very long. But, I honestly don't think they're supposed to. The game, just like every other Olympic game that's come before, simply serves as a quick diversion or a bit of party time fun, as you wait for the Speed Walking finals to start brodcasting. Thankfully, Sega Studios Australia's work here is good enough that the only time you'd throw your controller down in disgust would be when your buddy beats your World Record.

VERDICT: A solid purchase for hardcore Olympic fanatics, and a fun rent for everyone else.

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