Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pigeon's Eye in the Sky: NEPA BlogCon

Look at that squirrel, man. Such a proud, majestic creature. We of the avian community have always held our Sciuridaen brothers and sisters in high regard. As such, we can understand why the folks behind the inaugural North Eastern Pennsylvania Blogger's Convention would want them to act as the official mascot. Much like the squirrel, the organizers and presenters that were present for the big day were gifted with an excellent sense of vision. And today, I'd like to share a tiny bit of that vision with all of you.

The NEPA Blogcon was the brain child of these lovely ladies right here. Leslie Stewart, Karla Porter, Mandy Boyle, and Michelle Davies are talented, successful women in their own right. But one day, the four of them decided to form like Voltron and create an event that would serve to educate, celebrate, and inspire all of us little creatures that make up the local blogosphere. Oh, and what an event it was, birds. Glorious, like the rays of the sun that glisten off the dew covered fields outside the Coop. How I basked in it's warmth....

<clears throat> Uh...excuse me. Had a bit of a moment there.

 Anyway, BlogCon. It was a real good time, guys. Very entertaining and informative. Internet sensation Gala Darling kicked things off with a motivating keynote that encouraged us to 'be ourselves' when we're out there blogging our little hearts out. After that, it was one knockout panel after another, with prominent speakers both local and national offering up sage wisdom for all of us to partake. From Kris Jones' inspiring tips on how to squeeze big bucks out of your blog, to Lauren O'Nizzle's entertaining look into building a better blog community, to Kuhcoon's insight in to making social media work for your business...the list goes on. Blogcon offered something for everyone, regardless of skill or tenure. And they also offered up tasty viddles throughout the day! Mmm-MMM! Those turkey sammiches and delicious desserts from Whiskey Bacon really did BP's tummy good. And speaking of tummies, we were also treated to some fabulously geeky belly dancing, courtesy of the gals from Antipode. And to top it all off, an after party with lots of free pizza and socializing. That's a day well spent in my books, birds!

 I'd like to extend a warm Pigeon Coop thanks to all the folks that made BlogCon the experience it was. As for the rest o' ya's, I humbly suggest that you search out similar events in your neck of the woods if you have even a passing interest in creating an Internet presence for yourself. Or, perhaps you can take inspiration from the Fearsome Foursome and create your own blogging event! And for all you critters in these neck of the woods, please make an effort to come out to the next NEPA BlogCon. I promise you won't regret it!


  1. Thank you for attending and and reviewing the event. We are delighted you were there to share all the awesomeness with us - and even more so that you felt it was a great use of your Saturday! ~Karla

  2. Karla, a day of education is always a good thing. The day we stop learning is the day we stop living.