Friday, September 7, 2012

Ric Flair Fridays: Flippin' Out!

Whether you like it, or you don't, learn to love it! Because it's the best thing going every Friday at the Coop. All the ability! All the looks! Sixteen times the World Champion! It's Ric Flair Fridays! WOOOOOOO!

Hey, Birds! Long time no see! Now that ol' Pigeon has got the lion's share of his workload out of the way, he can get back to Coop business. And what better way to get the ball rolling again than with another heaping helping of the Nature Boy!

Today, we're going to showcase another of TJWFilmProductions Flair tributes. Anyone who has ever watched Naitch on television is well aware of his tendency to go flying over the turnbuckle whenever he's thrown towards it. And this infamous stunt is exactly what we're going to be paying tribute to this week. So, without further ado, I present to you TJW's tribute to the "Flair Flip".

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