Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wallace's Quest

Hiya, birds!

Today I want to help out a good friend of mine, and spread the word about Wallace.

Ya see, Wallace here is in pretty bad shape. Now all us birds here in Pigeon Country don't know where the poor fella came from. But we do know that he was found roaming along our dusty back roads, and from the looks of it...he could really use some ol' fashioned T.L.C. right 'bout now.

And I think all you birds are just the ones to give it to him.

So while he's layin' up in the local vet's ICU, why not pay a visit to his official web site, and see what kind of help or support you can offer up? Wallace would be mighty grateful to you if you did. And so would we.

Thanks for your time, birds. I'll see y'all real soon!

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